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KeloWaskooli – a 21st century silver pine log cabin – situated in a peaceful villa area, only a few footsteps from Saariselkäīs centre

KeloWaskooli is ideal for business events as well as a unique holiday cabin for travellers – to all who desire a high standard of accommodation. A stay in KeloWaskooli can be an award, a gift or a place for celebrating anniversaries. It provides an ideal atmosphere for innovative working and meetings. Bringing teams together, far away from everyday distractions, will also enliven creativity and working interactions. The log apartment is a dream come true for lovers of Lapland.

Kelo - a silver pine log - is a standing dead pine tree. It has dried out over a period of several hundred years, has lost its bark, acquired a silvery surface color while the interior wood is a rich red. Kelo logs and lumber are rare and highly prized for top-quality construction because of their handsome appearance, strength and thermal resistance. KeloWaskooli is constructed throughout from kelo.

The interior of the cabin is furnished with glowing natural colours reflecting Lapland's scenery. This pair house apartment has two floors, with total area of 110 m² (1200 sq ft²). It provides functional, modern, high standard accommodation, with beds for one to eight persons and splendid views of the surrounding beautiful countryside. The ski track and hiking routes run directly past the yard.

The cabin is available for renting all year round, either for a couple of days or even for a month. Linen, bathrobes, basic household supplies, firewood and final cleaning are included in the rental price. Meeting accessories are available on demand. Catering and various special activities such as husky dog and reindeer sledding, snowmobiling and all the joyful events in the wilderness of Lapland can be arranged separately.

Lapland – glittering white snow in winter, forests glowing with autumn tints, summer nights of the midnight sun

One of the most charming experiences is the polar night, blue shades and pastel colours in the sky. Fascinating Northern lights may appear in the night sky during the autumn and winter seasons. Saariselkä offers excellent, well-known skiing and hiking facilities in the real Mountain Lapland. It is also ideal for relaxation in the peaceful atmosphere.